Spousal Waiver Form

Spousal Waiver Form


A Member’s spouse uses the Spousal Waiver Form to waive his/her legal right to Pension benefits after the Member’s death. If the Member wishes to select a form of Pension that doesn’t provide income to his spouse after the Member dies, then the spouse must complete this form prior to the Member’s retirement.

Please contact the Plan Administrator for a copy of your form.

Information Needed to Complete the Form

Follow the instructions provided on the form.

The spouse must complete the form in full and sign the form and have it witnessed. This waiver must be signed in front of a witness and in the absence of the Plan Member.


Provincial Pension legislation states that if you have a spouse when you retire, you must select a type of Pension that will continue to pay your spouse an amount equal to 60% or more of your Pension benefit after you die. The only way you may select a Pension type that provides your spouse with less than 60% of your benefit after your death is to have your spouse complete this form to waive his/her right to this benefit.

If your spouse completes this form to waive his/her right, you are free to select any type of Pension that you wish.

  • The waiver is optional for the spouse.
  • This form must be completed no more than 90 days before Pension commencement.

Questions on completing the form should be directed to the Plan Administrator.

Completed forms should be sent to the Plan Administrator.